Dress for your best First Impression

Say Yes to the dress code.

The Open Day is coming soon and you are still confused and not confident on what to wear on the interview. It’s okay, you are not the only one. Let’s start by explaining what is exactly this Emirates Open Day.

Usually hosted in 5* hotels, Open Day is a chance for you to discover more about the role of cabin crew in Emirates, as well as the lifestyle in Dubai. Recruiters will introduce you to the company, will play you some videos so you can familiarize yourself with the job, and in the end you will be able to ask them questions. It’s a very fun and exciting morning, at least that’s how I remember it back in 2011 in Zagreb. Luckily, the company grew a lot since then, so there is many more opportunities and the number of cities that hold interviews is much bigger than before.

The Open Day usually starts at 8 am, unless mentioned otherwise. Make sure to be there at least 20 minutes early, to revise your folder, replenish your lipstick and have your coffee to relax. It always looks good if the person arrives early, it tells a lot about you, don’t forget that golden rule.

After the presentation of the company you will have CV drop off. They might ask you some short questions like “Why do you want to be a cabin crew?” or “Why did you choose Emirates?”. But that should be quite easy for you to answer since you are already here, applying for the job. Always come ready with answers, do your research before, not on the day of the interview. Also, keep your smile ON wherever you are, be you, don’t pretend to be someone that you are not.

Now, let’s focus on what you will be wearing that day. You will never get a second chance for a first impression. Stick to that rule and I’m sure you will be fine. The candidates should present themselves in business attire. The recruiters pay close attention to the appearance because that’s a very important step for this job. When on board the aircraft, cabin crew always must look immaculate! Hair nicely done, great make up, neat and pressed uniform and polished shoes. So why would they accept you if you have stains on your skirt, or foundation on the collar of your shirt? It doesn’t look professional does it?

When it comes to women, a conservative 2 piece suit would be great, jacket or blazer, plain designs are most appropriate. No prints, no quotes! The skirt should be below the knee, nothing too short or too tight. If you decide to wear a dress, choose wisely. The length should be suitable for this occasion and preferably with a jacket on top. Plain design again. No V neck or open back, it’s a big No! Best colors to go for are black, gray, brown or blue. Combine that with classic closed toe heels, no stilettos or wedges, it’s the professional image of you that we are talking about.

Men should wear classic suit, same colors apply as for the ladies. White or light colored long sleeve shirt, avoid short sleeves or t shirts since it’s not a beach body contest. Wear a belt and nice shoes, make sure they’re polished. Oh, sock should be plain as well, no Star Wars logos.

Ladies, wear your hair up or in a classic bun. Use some hair spray if you have lots of baby hair. It’s expected from you to wear some make up, as you will be wearing it everyday for work. Foundation, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. Red lipstick is NOT a must. Red is the color of Emirates crew lipstick, but for now, you can wear your own as long as it’s not baby pink or blue or purple, you know what I mean. (Extra tip at the photo below.) Nude color would be amazing, matched with a similar color lip pencil. Ensure it looks nice and natural, no heavy dramatic looks or dark eyes. Hands and nails should be maintained, and avoid too much jewelry.

Interview Make up Sample


You might lose points if you are chewing a gum, to ensure your fresh breath, always carry some mints with you. I’ll give you some other points to remember. Body language is something that is crucial for every interview. Do not cross your arms or legs, and guys please, please control your legs and avoid “man-spreading”, it doesn’t look nice.

Lastly, keep an eye contact with everyone. Don’t look at the floor or the wall, it seems as you are losing interest. And smile! Smile to the chance of you seeing the world!

I always like to mention that one of the best things about this job is that we wear uniforms. It means the morning ‘mix&match’ problem doesn’t exist. What you need to worry is to keep everything neat and tidy, you will be the face of Emirates, and yes, people will be starring at you! Just keep smiling!

Good luck,


Author: Sandra Kirkov

Mrs to be!

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