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So long, summer days!

Mid September, I don’t even remember what was my last flight, but what is all over the internet is that the summer is over! Unless you live in Dubai 🙂 For all of us living here, the real nice summer is about to start; all the ugly hot and humid days should be gone in the next few weeks. But no matter how much Dubai can be fascinating for tourists, I’m sure you read the caption of this post, and is all about Greece! Particularly Halkidiki, at least in this edition.

Let’s start by telling you this, no matter where I go for my summer vacations, I have to visit Greece at least for 2 days. Few reasons for that; first and most obvious, I love it, second, it takes me about 3-4 hours to reach Halkidiki from home (hopefully with less cars at the borders!).

If you come by plane, the closest one would be in Thessaloniki, I heard Fly Dubai started operating a flight to here, so book it on time and enjoy! For me, I love driving my car and the way it’s quite simple, highway all the way most probably to your hotel/apartment. If you are not sure, you can always download offline maps and easily reach any destination. It’s made of three so called fingers; you can choose one and explore it all, or you can stay less days on one but visit them all, it’s up to you.

If you book your stay through Booking or Airbnb, I advise you to do it ahead of time, the prices tend to go high very quickly especially from May onward. Tourist agencies from always have some houses rented for the whole summer, so you if you are from the Balkans, I’m sure you can check the best tour operator in town and ask for info. For a good lunch or dinner in a nice taverna, prices go between 13-15 euros pp. If you include a bottle of wine it would be more pricey. Gyro shops are on every corner, and there for as little as 2-3 euros you will have the original Greek gyro which will make you pretty full for sure! Gotta try Mythos, the local beer, it keeps you happy 🙂  Find more tips on Instagram!

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Kassandra, the western peninsula of Halkidiki is known for its beaches. Starting from Afytos, all the way to Pallouri, this side of the coast is filled with small cute towns, lots of bars and cafes, nightclubs, restaurants etc. Either on TripAdvisor or on your own you can find lots of organised tours, water sports, horse riding, boat cruises, paragliding and so many more fun things to do.

I know which part you are waiting for, the beaches! you heard so much about them, you wanna see some photos and hear guest experience. Well, I’ll share with you some of my favorite beaches, and the rest you can explore yourself.

If you are staying in Pefkohori, Elephant Bar will catch your attention for sure. The decor and atmosphere are fantastic. Very close by, there is another one called Umbrellas, also worth the shot. Kalithea beach is not bad itself, and also you will find all the nightclubs there next to each other; Pearl, Ahoy & Angels Club. Sani Beach is at the beginning of the peninsula, and if your pocket is thick enough, I’m sure that this is the right place for you. Crystal white sandy beaches and amazing staff service, I will always recommend them.


Now, if I have to choose my favorite beach bar, they would definitely be at the South, located in Pallouri. First one is Cabana Beach and second is Navagos Bar. You will pay an entrance fee but then you can use the vouchers for your food and drinks, so basically it’s a good combo for spending a day at a beautiful beach. Plus the sunbeds are from heaven, I swear! Now that I think of it, I can’t wait for next summer to come, I would definitely have an Aperol Spritz looking and the blue skies and daydream all day long.

My hat is waiting as well,


Cabana Beach


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