You must visit Unicorn Cafe

Do you believe in unicorns? I would be lying if I say that I never wanted to see one. And guess what? Bangkok has a magical place full of them! You must visit Unicorn Cafe if you love pink, pink and pink. Make sure you get there quite early because everyone is lining up to hug these amazing fluffy little fellows. Even if you are not an Instagram addict, you will be hypnotized by the charm of the cafe. We queued 20 minutes to get the biggest sofa with plush animals, hearts and unicorns.

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Deciding what to order was not easy at all! Anyways, no matter what you will get, I assure you it will looks fantastic! All those rainbow pancakes, rainbow colored spaghetti carbonara, and frozen pink drinks will fill up your Instagram feed. Go ahead, take a million selfies, walk around, or even get dressed as a unicorn! I’m not joking, you can rent or buy the outfit, they made sure everything is perfect. So why not?

Be a unicorn for a day!

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Have your breakfast at one of the most Instagrammable places in Bangkok, then continue exploring the magical palaces and temples, there is a lot do see & do. I was enjoying so much that I’m sure I will visit it again on my next trip. Prices are very reasonable, and the experience is unforgettable! The age doesn’t really matter, and it was a big surprise for me how many couples I saw inside. I think even the boyfriends of the Unicorn girlfriends enjoyed their time. You will see a bunch of phones, cameras and Go Pro’s taking pictures all over the place. It’s a little corner of happiness and joy. I have to mention that your sugar level will go high enough for the next couple of days.

Personally, I didn’t mind it at all.

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Make sure to put it on your Bangkok itinerary, you will not regret it. We spent approximately 2 hours here, and if I didn’t have to go back to work I’m sure we would have stayed more! In this chaotic, vibrant city, the cafe is a perfect place to relax and cuddle unicorns. If you ask a 6 year old girl to describe her fairy tale world, probably this is the answer that you will get.

2018-02-03 01.51.30 1.jpg

Always look on the Pink side of life!


Author: Sandra Kirkov

Mrs to be!

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